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Please note all prices are a base price and can go up depending on the length & thickness of your hair. Prices are fully established on consultation.

Due to high demand, Student & Graduate pricing shown below is only available to book by phoning our bookings team on 020 8204 8833

Any treatments performed by Students & Graduates are observed by a Senior Stylist.

NOTE: All chemical services for both hair and beauty require a patch test, at least 72hrs prior to the service.
Due to high demand, Student & Graduate pricing shown below is only available to book by phoning our bookings team on 020 8204 8833

What our clients are saying


“Mary and her staff are outstanding! Each time I visit they always make me feel very welcome. It feels like I’m visiting friends and at the same time having my hair done! Well done Salon Hijab, you are one in a million!!”


Meenu V

What our clients are saying


I have been coming to Mary for just over two years now and she’s always done exactly what I wanted everytime! Not only does she do the most perfect balayage/highlight/cut/blowdry, but she also gives you helpful advice to maintain your colour and hair health without frequent visits to the salon. Lovely experience as always!


Shayma R

What our clients are saying


“The quality of service was excellent. Nothing was too much trouble for Sidiqa, she was attentive and reassured me every step of the way. My hair looks fabulous!


Shabana S

Frequently Asked Questions 

Highlights or Bayage?

With balayage, you typically “paint” on the colour from the mid-lengths to the ends. With highlights, the hair is saturated with colour from the roots to the ends. 

If you want a balanced, blended and softer look then balayage is for you. For a more intensely lightened look, then you should go for highlights.  

Do you need toner?

Toner is an important step in reaching your desired hair shade, they enhance your shade with warmth or coolness, while correcting unwanted undertones.

These can be used for a variety of colour services including post-lightening, highlights and balayage.

Some clients choose to come in for a top-up toner between colouring appointments.


Rollers or Curling Iron?

With hot rollers, you will generally get a softer, more voluminous look, a curling iron will give you tighter and smaller curls.

Your stylist will discuss your desired look with you.


What is a “Money Penny”?

AKA “Money piece” is a technique where the colourist lightens or highlights the face-framing pieces of your hair.

This technique can help soften and brighten your complexion.

This style can be bold or natural.


Do you need pre-pig?

If the color in the mid-length and ends are more than 2 levels lighter than the target shade, a pre-pigmentation filler can provide the optimum base for the next steps.

Example: If you have bleached hair, and want a darker colour,  pre-pig may be necessary if there is little to no (red) pigment left in the hair. When bleaching, the red pigment (that neutralises green) is stripped from the hair and needs to be replaced to avoid green hair!


What is Comb-on-Colour?

The comb-on-colour technique provides a natural result and can optically increase depth and movement.

(it’s great for hiding greys too!)